Del Monte Fresh Juice Marketing Essay

Product Description

Del Monte Fresh Juice is a product of the Del Monte Foods Company which is located in San Francisco, USA. The Del Monte Fresh Juice product falls in the category of fruit drinks that are retailed in enclosed packets. The product comes in varieties such as Fresh Cut, Sun Fresh, Fruit Chillers, Super Fruit, and Orchard Select among others.


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The product consists of freshly squeezed juice from fruits such as mango, guavas, pineapple, orange, berry, and grapes among others. The product is known for its high quality. The product comes in a unique packet which is easy to open and is edubirdie safe can be placed in a refrigerator for long without damaging the content.

Packaging and its advantages

The Del Monte Fresh Juice product is packaged in a biodegradable hard paper with a plastic bottle top as opposed to the traditional packets that must be cut with a scissor to enjoy the content. The biodegradable hard paper enables a customer to store the juice in a refrigerator without the worry of damaging the content.

Since the hard paper is surrounded by a thin plastic lining, the package is resistant to damages as a result of exposure to the cold conditions in the fridge.

Since the product has an easy to open plastic lid, a customer does not have to tear or rip the packet when he or she wants to enjoy the fresh juice. The easy to open lid ensure hygiene and reduce spillage during opening and consumption of the juice. Since the plastic lid can be closed and sealed back, it is easy to transport the product when it has been used partially.

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